The Merc

The Dayville Merc opened in 1896. The town of Dayville was founded in 1913. 

The Merc (short for Mercantile), is an old-fashioned dry goods store that sells 8,000 products, ranging from pasta to power cords, wool hats to whiskey, baking soda to blueberry jam. The Merc has had nine owners in its long history and is one of the oldest continuously operating general stores in Oregon. If there is something that you want the Merc to carry, just let us know.

The Merc would not be what it is without the hard work and commitment of the nine previous owners throughout the years. We thank everyone who has been involved with keeping the Merc going. 

  • 2014 - present, Simon Graves and family

  • 2006-2014, Angie Moss and family

  • 1999-2006,

  • 1989-1999, Gib & Glee Gregg

  • 1973-1989, Mark & Elaine Reasoner

  • 1967-1973, Dona & Lola Ripa

  • 1930-1968, E.L. Knox (business operated by Harold Black for 40 years)

  • 1896-1930, Billy Stewart, Bert Cummings and E.L. Knox